Friday, March 09, 2007

My mommy and me
Ok, I will smile one more time

Why do you always want to take my picture?

Taylor feeding his face

Taylor accepting his trophy

Busy at the Landes HouseHold:

We are always on the go at the Landes'. Even while Talicee was sick, one of us was always going somewhere with one of the boys. Basketball season just ended and Taylor had his banquet last night. Now baseball season is about to begin. All three boys play baseball. Tyler's is during the week since he is playing JV baseball. Taylor and Trevor's will be during the week and on Saturdays. So as I usually say during baseball season: We have no life except on the baseball diamond. This will be Miss Talicee's first baseball season. I hope she can take it. Games are long. Just part of being a moma of 3 boys who love sports.


Beth and Shayna said...

Beautiful pictures of Miss Talicee and you look so great! Mommy and Talicee look happy and full of love. It is great Miss T is doing so much better. Have a great weekend.

laurel said...

Cute kids! We will look for your friends. Thanks for telling us about them!

Hugh & Sonia said...

Beautiful pictures. Talicee is so adorable!!!! Hope she continues to feel better(:

Robin said...

Those are some sweet pictures. I especially like the one of Talicee smiling. :-) What a sweetie!