Monday, April 30, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy Weekend for Birthday Boy
Birthday Boy
Miss attitude

Miss Talicee is winding down

Trevor has a big weekend with his birthday. He was busy from the time he got up until he went to bed.

He started the day with going to baseball practice. He just loves baseball. Then we headed off to the movies. Miss Talicee went to her first movie. She did really well. I was a little anxious about taking an 18 month old to the movies. We went to see Meeting the Robinson's. What a great movie. I cried at the beginning and the end. This movie is about adoption. If you have not seen it, then I will not tell you why I cried.
After that we went to dinner. Trevor loves to play cowboys and indians. So he dressed the part for his dinner. I had him a cake made at Dairy Queen with a cowboy hat on it. My kids love ice cream cakes. After dinner, which maw maw and paw paw missed, we went to play putt putt. Oh, we had such a great time. Miss Talicee just jumped right in and took to playing putt putt. The kids had a great time. Maw maw and paw paw made it to this. Miss Talicee was just wonderful the whole day.
Our day ended with the kids falling asleep in the car. Sunday, April 29th was actually Trevor's birthday. We went to the Salem Avalanche ballgame. Baseball again. The kids enjoyed Sunday just relaxing and spending time together. Trevor did get a few gifts for his birthday. He got roller blades and a bow an arrow. He also got money and more money. I think I may have to take out a loan with him.
All 4 kids had a great time this weekend. The weather was perfect.

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