Saturday, May 26, 2007

MAY 26, 2006
Referral Day for the Landes
Our referral of our precious little girl came at 11:30 a.m. on Friday, May 26, 2006.

SHE IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meet our newest member of our family.

Talicee Faith Li Li Landes (Li Li Qun)

(7 months old)

DATE OF BIRTH: October 3, 2005

BIRTH PLACE: Wauhan, Hubei Providence

WEIGHT: 17 lbs with clothes on

HEIGHT: 26.3 " very tall

She is in excellent health according to her last check up on April 5, 2006. She is 7 months old. She has no teeth. She like to play outside. She tears paper, rolls over, sits up, grasps toys, locates sounds and laugh out loud. She is quiet and like to listen to music. She is close to her foster family. She has been in foster care since November 18th. She was left at the orphanage on Novermber 16th. We do not know why she was adbandon.

We will be getting your info tomorrow morning. We get more pictures too. I can't wait. She is just so cute. I love the little lips and the chubby checks. We are very proud.

Even though it has been a year today that we got our referral, I still am feeling the same way that I did that day. What an awesome gift God has given us. Thank You.


Joe and Jane said...

It's so fun to see how she's grown!!

Beth and Shayna said...

Ahh, I remember when I saw Miss Talicee's picture for the first time. I was just so happy for you all (while packing for china). Here you are one year little with the cutest little girl. We cannot wait to see you!

laurel said...

That referral picture is so cute! She was (is) a doll.