Wednesday, May 07, 2008


From being born 2 weeks early to watching my first born walk at the door for his first prom, time sure does fly. The past week was prom week around our area. Many of you know that I have a Junior in high school, so that means Jr/Sr prom. He was not allowed to go until he was a junior. I have been working on the after prom party for about 6 months now. So I have been involved with all of the themes. Prom was themed Saturday Night Live with 70's music. Sure wished I had been invited to this one. I love this music. The After Prom theme was Frozen in time. The students loved it all. We had great food also.

Wednesday, Miss Talicee and I went to the high school to show the car that will be given away on June 8th. The ice cream truck was there giving away ice cream to the students. Of course, Miss Talicee spent most of her time there. Thursday, I finished up all my food calls and starting getting ready for the big day. Friday, Miss Talicee and I did some pick ups. Then headed to the school for decorating. We also had a ballgame on Friday to add to the mix. Oh, it gets better with things to do. Tyler picked his tux up on Thursday and could not wait to let us see him in it. He was so excited.

Saturday, the day of the Prom, started very early. Since the boys are working on going to Mexico on a Missions trip, we had a yard sale again. They have raised all of their support, so now we are working on spending money. So up early to get things set up. While Tyler and Taylor maned the yard sale, Randy, Miss Talicee and I headed to the ball field for Trevor's game. Thank heavens my parents came down to help us. After the ballgame, back to yard sale. I had to make a pick up in Vinton, so on the road again. Came back and took what was let from the yard sale to the GoodWill. We did not have much. Home to start getting things ready. Took Trevor to his friends house for a church activity. Thank you Beckners for taking care of him. Now, I have been up since 6:00 a.m. Got Tyler ready and sent him to his dates house to pick her up while we settled the last 2 kids in for the night. Met Tyler and Lindsay at a near by College for pictures. Well, inside I am crying my heart out because he looks so good. Sent him off for the night. Randy and I headed out to finish up pick ups that we had that night. Back at high school at 9:00. Finish setting up the food and waiting on the students to arrive. After prom started at 12:00 am, remember I have been up since 6:00 am and no nap. 4:00 rolls around and we are finished with the clean up in my area and head home. Get in bed at 5:00 am. Boy did my bed feel good. Then guess what, you guessed it.

At 8:00 am, I hear this sweet little voice, Mommy get me up. Yes, Miss Talicee was up for the day. 3 hours of sleep. We had to go back to school and finish the last bit of clean up at 1:00. So off we go again. Came home at 3:00 had a 30 minute nap and off again at 4:00. Trevor had baseball pictures and I had a meeting at church.

Finally, at 7:30 on Sunday night I crawled into the bed and got to sleep until 7:00 the next morning. This was much needed sleep. I would do it all over again for my kids. Tyler had a great time and that is all that matter. God had given me the best kids in the world. Hope you enjoy the slide show. Lindsay and Tyler were beautiful together. Guess what, they get to do the dress up thing again next week for her prom. I will be sleeping at 4:00 am this time. (not, I will be waiting on him to come home)

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