Friday, May 30, 2008

patient potty training
We started really working on potty training on Tuesday. Miss Talicee had one accident. This was because she got mad at something. Wednesday went great until we went to get our hair cut. I think she was very uncomfortable using another potty. So she had an accident. Thursday, she went all day without any accidents. She asked to go pee pee. We even went to Trevor's ballgame and Walmart and no accident. Today, we went to the pool. We did not put our swim diaper on until we got to the pool. We went to the restroom and she pee peed. Her swim diaper was not wet. I put a diaper on her for the ride home, because I knew she would fall asleep in the car. She woke with a dry diaper. Trevor had practice this evening, so we went to play at the play ground. Guess what, she stayed dry. She even asked to go to the restroom. I am so proud of her. We bought her some Dorata (Dora) big girl panties. I am not claiming victory yet, but we are close. The boys were never this easy. I guess it comes down to it, when she wanted to start, she will do it.
UPDATED: Today, Saturday, Miss Talicee was dry all day long. She fell asleep in the car and had Dora panties on and they were dry when she woke up. This is the 3rd day that she has been dry. She is doing sooooo good. I know, don't count your chickens before they hatch.

Memorial Day weekend was very quiet for us. The kids were out of school on Friday and Monday. Trevor left Thursday afternoon to spend the weekend with one of his friends camping. One child down. Randy left to go 4 wheeling for the weekend. 2nd child down. Taylor had a friend over to camp out. 1 kid added. Tyler went to his girl friends house for a little while. We are horrible parents. They are not allowed to see each other all of the time. So he has to pick what days he wants to see her. On the weekend it is only one day.

Saturday was a lazy day. Tyler worked on a project for school. Taylor and his friend played around until his mom came. Miss Talicee and I just did nothing. We had a FCC picnic that afternoon. She had a great time playing and eating. She loves to get together with her sisters/brothers from China.
Sunday, I got the remaining kids up and headed to church. I was up early, but was still late for church. Go figure. Randy was due to come home later that day. During church my phone vibrated, yes I had put it on vibrate. He was calling to tell me that he would be home after church. He had riden 105 miles over the weekend on a 4 wheeler. Long weekend. I could say that he was missing me, but that would be a lie. He came home and we went to the pool with our friends. The water was sooooooooo cold. The lifeguards were calling everyone out every 20 minutes. I do not get in the water until July anyway. Sunday night we grilled out and enjoyed not having to go anywhere for the evening.
Memorial Day we went to the pool. Miss Talicee loves the pool. She would stay in it all day if she could. We enjoyed spending time with our friends. Afterwards, we came home and grilled out again. This time it was steak from our beef. It was so good. If we had gone out and ordered the size steaks we had, it would have cost us $200 for the family. I love having beef on hand. Will be doing it again in the winter.
School is just about out. We are busy the next 9 days with school. Next Saturday, we have picnics, ballgames and graduation parties to attend back to back. I will let you know how the potty training goes this weekend. I think I will put panties on her for Church on Sunday.


Emily LinDa said...

Congratulations on the potty training. Sounds like Talicee has got it down! She looks like she is doing so well now:) Yeah!! Happy end of school:)

Emily LinDa said...

Oh, Belated Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary! I too believe that our little girls from Hubei were meant to be with us.

laurel said...

Congratulations! Glad potty training is going so well! Congrats on two years together. Love the darling pictures. She is so cute.