Monday, June 09, 2008


Well, school is out for the summer in our household. I now have a senior in high school, tears running down my face. A freshman in highschool and a 3rd grader. Miss Talicee will be going to preschool 2 days a week in the fall. Every time I think of Tyler being a senior, I just begin to cry. Where did my baby go.

Tyler had his awards ceremony last week, Trevor had his on Tuesday and Taylor had his today. Boy, I am one proud moma. Tyler got 3 awards. They were All Blue Ridge District in A/B Honor for the year, Honor Roll Award for the year and Virginia High School League Academic Award while participating in interscholastic activities. Tyler was also accepted at a Law Forumn in Washington, DC this fall. He will be spending a week learning about the Law. He is very excited. You have to be nominated to be able to go to this event. Beaming again. Taylor got Perfect 600 on his SOL's in Civics, and he broke the record for Robotics Module. He also missed having a perfect score on the Science SOL by 1 point. Trevor got AR Reading award and the Anthony Kirby award. This award is awarded to an individual in each grade that has shown kindness, friendlessness, determination, sense of humor, positive attitude, and compassion. This is the second year that he has gotten this. Trevor also reached a goal in reading that he has worked on all year. We are so proud of the boys. Can you see the beaming in our smiles. LOL

It has been a very busy week here. It all started on the weekend. We had a ballgame, then headed to our Sunday School picnic and then to a graduation party. We had 2 hours in between each event. Sunday we relaxed at the pool. It has been so hot here. I have not turned on my air conditioning yet. Yes, you read right. I have not turned it on. I do not plan on turning it on any time soon. We are dealing with the heat. Since the boys are going to Mexico where they will not have AC, we thought we would get them ready. Temps are coming down so it will be nice again.

This week, Miss Talicee and I have been going to the pool while the boys are in school. We leave just in time to get Trevor off of the bus. She has enjoyed her time there. We have one more ballgame and then we are done with baseball for the summer. We are getting ready for vacation. I think I need one. Remember last year on vacation, I sprained, actually broke my ankle. Well this year I am going to enjoy vacation. Watch for slide shows and pictures of our time together. Enjoy the slide show now. It is all kinds of pictures at different times.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to all the kids. Have a fun summer!

laurel said...

She is so cute! Love her little pool friends. Have a great summer.