Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Today was a great day. Trevor is back to himself. He ate a big breakfast. He wanted to go to Cracker Barrell, so that is where we went for breakfast. Then we headed to the fun park. They rode rides and Trevor loved the go carts.

Randy wanted the kids to see some live black bears. I asked them if they wanted to go to the Smokies to see them and their response was NO. So as we were driving back to the hotel, I spotted a shop that had a sign Live Bears. Sometimes you just don't know about these places. Well, it was worth my $4. The kids got to see live black bears and feed them. In the one slide, the one is laying on his back and we are throwing food to him. Lazy lazy Lazy. As you can see in the dinner pic, Miss Talicee has on jewelry. She used her money grandma gave her to purchase this. She wears it everywhere.

We came back to the hotel and took a long need nap. I think the kids would stay at the hotel all day long. We went to eat at a very nice place. They just doded on the kids. There is a very nice landscaped place across the street from our Hotel. So we went over there and took pictures, of course there are shops there and we did a little Christmas/Birthday shopping.

The kids could hardly wait to get back to the hotel to swim. Trevor loves the jacuzzi. I do not let him stay in there very long. Talicee likes the pool. As you can see, she and Trevor both are water dogs. Well, kids are asleep and I am headed that way. Tomorrow is Dollywood. They are so excited. This trip has been for them, but also has helped me keep my mind off of the boys. Happy Birthday Tyler. We miss you 2.

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M & M Girls said...

sorry we are unable to meet you all. I hope you are enjoying your visit!! it is a great place to explore and have fun. Be safe and enjoy your travels. :-)
mommy to the M&M Girls