Monday, September 01, 2008


Well, the summer has finally come to an end. We had a great weekend celebrating the end of summer. Thursday, we had a football game. Friday, we had a football game. Saturday, we went to the lake and had a great time. Some of our friends went too. We just relaxed and enjoyed the lake. The kids swam, fished and practiced their dives for the Olympics. We cooked out and then celebrated Tim's 44th birthday. We were all tired when we finally left. Can't wait till we can go again.

Sunday, we wanted to go to the pool, but mother nature had another idea. So we slept. We were all tired from the lake. Trevor went home with one of his friends after church, so it was just he big boys here and Miss Talicee. I think they would sleep all day if they could. Nice day to catch up on some much needed sleep.

Monday, we had planned to meet our friends at the pool. Yes, you guessed it, it was cloudy. So I worked on some of my Longaberger business while Randy worked on a big project bid. Pray that we get this job. After afternoon naps, we headed to the pool. It was kinda cloudy, so we figured that there would not be alot of people there. WRONG We had to sit in the baby pool area. We had graduated from that area earlier in the summer. It was fun watching Trevor and Miss Talicee play one more time in the water. Tyler and Taylor had football practice. Oh, we had a miracle happen today. Taylor mowed the yard for Randy. After mowing he wanted to ride the 4 wheeler for a while. Well, the phone rang and it was Taylor. You guessed it, he had flipped the 4 wheeler. He was in the woods. If he had not had his phone, we would not have known where he was. Thank goodness, HE WAS NOT HURT. He did have a helmet on. So needless to say, he will not be riding the 4 wheeler for a while. Ok, mom you can breath again. He is ok. You knew it was going to happen sometime.

Tomorrow everyone goes back to school. I will be so glad to get on some kind of schedule. Miss Talicee has her first day of Preschool. Watch for pictures of her day. She is so excited about school. She thinks she is going on the school bus. I guess I could paint my car yellow and make it look like a bus. LOL

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