Sunday, December 28, 2008


We have had a great Christmas so far and more to come. We left for my parents on Friday morning. We arrived at grandmaw's about lunch time. The kids wanted to do Christmas first instead of lunch. The adults wanted to do lunch. Guess who won. Grandmaw was on the kids side.

The 3 boys got to open their presents first. They had a together gift. Boy were they surprised. They got a WII. Now we have a playstation 2, Xbox 360 and a WII. We only have 3 tvs. The also got Guaitar Hero, and additional controllers. Trevor got a game for the WII. They were off to play while everyone else opened their presents. Miss Talicee also got Vmotion, which is a gaming system too. She has yet to be able to install her game. The boys have had the tv since Christmas day. All of the kids loved their gifts. Since my sister has a WII too, the challenge was on. After lunch and many hours at grandmaw playing WII, we headed to my sisters.

Guess what the kids did when we walked through the door? You guessed it, they took over the tv. At one point grandmaw had to tell them that if they did not agruing, they would have to put it up. Randy and Michael were part of that too. They are just big kids.

Trevor wanted to have fondue for dinner. We usually have steak, baked potatoes and salad. We are tried of food by now. But we did fondue. We had steak, deer steak and shrimp. NO I DO NOT EAT DEER MEAT. My steak was great. Miss Talicee decided that she wanted to try it. She saw the shrimp in the bowl and wanted to try the onions. She still thinks that shrimp is onions. She ate and ate. Since she had only a very short nap, she was getting ready for bed. I thought. While cleaning up, I looked up and she and Taylor were playing WII and she was karokeeing and he was playing guaitar. So funny. Believe me all of the kids big and little were ready for bed on Friday night.

We had breakfast on Saturday morning. The kids were on the WII before we even began eating. Additiction I think. LOL After breakfast, our Christmas money was burning a hole in our pockets, so off we went shopping. I needed a camera bag for my new camera. My Longaberger purse would only last for a while as a camera bag. We had a great time shopping and laughing. Relaxation was what we needed.

Randy and I went to my high school class Christmas party after dinner on Saturday. My classmate's house is beautiful. It was built in 1923 and he has it decorated so great. It was nice to see my classmates again. Of course, I saw them in October. We reminiced about our school years. One of my classmates is a minister now so he was preaching at my mom's church on Sunday. He did a great job. We really enjoyed the message.

Headed to the Inn at Virginia Tech for a brunch on Sunday. Our meal was great. I have pictures of the trees there, but I am too tired to put them up tonight. Since Miss Talicee has been sleeping in our room at my sister's, we have not slept all night. After much needed rest, I will put them up. I have great pictures of the kids in front of the trees.

Looking forward to the next celebrations. It is a week full of fun.

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