Thursday, January 22, 2009


As you know we have every gaming system that a child could want. I never grew up with things like this so I have had no interest in these games. Well, I love the WII. it is so easy to use and great exercise.
I have been doing the boxing for about a week now. So Randy wanted to box me last night. You know men, I can beat her in no time. See he does not know that I have been practicing everyday for a workout. I agreed to box him. I am called Miss Priss with a smerk on my face. The kids created her for me.
The bell rings to fight. First punch and Randy is stubbling. The look on his face was priceless. How can she hit me like that. I ended up knocking him out before round one ended. Second game, he made it to round 2. Game 3, at least he made it to the 3rd round, but my right punch took him out. Can you feel the sweet victory I am feeling. LOL
Next time he will think twice before he ask me to box him. Anyway, he boxes like a cat. You know when cats are mad and they are on their hind legs. That is what he looked like. Just had to brag about beating a man. Since I live with 4 of them, victory is sweet.
Just for fun, see if you can figure out which girl is me in this picture. Make sure you post in the comment section. Remember, this was 25 years ago. A friend of mine sent me this from facebook.

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