Saturday, February 28, 2009


Miss Talicee attended a birthday party of one of her good friends. She was very excited about it. She got up and asked if it was time to go. She got dressed and danced around all morning waiting to go. She is really understanding more about activities now. She used to shy away when we would go and do things with large groups. I think it overwhelmed her. Now she jumps out of the car and heads for the party. I hardly every see her while we are there. I am so glad that she is not shy and loves to play with other children.

We did get to meet one of our newest members to our local families group. Miss Jayden. She has only been home for about 24 hours, but you would never know. She was just a friendly and wanted to play with the other children. Usually when little ones come home, they do not want anyone to touch them or even look at them. She is a cutie. I got to hold her for a few minutes. I think only because I was taking pictures and she wanted to see.

Happy Birthday Miss Lucy. Thank you for inviting us to attend your big day.

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Casey said...

Every girl loves a party!! :) LOVE that pic below too!! So cute.

I just got a few things at the MJ Sale... what did you get? I wasn't as wowed as in previous collections. That's good though!!