Sunday, February 15, 2009


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Well, my post yesterday was for the birds. I thought I was felling better. I actually got dressed and went to Trevor ballgame. By the time I got home, I was so weak. After that, everything went down hill. Talicee's fever went back up and I got sicker. So finally I took many drugs to be able to sleep. That did not work. Miss Talicee was up all night. I was up all night. At one point I was in tears. After sounding like Dark Vadar when I was breathing, finally I gave in and said I am going to the Dr. I do not go to the Dr. unless I am about dead. I guess you can say that I am near that point.
Went to the Dr. today. I have a sinus infection. I am on antibotics, cough medicine and an inhaler. In haler, I do not have astma. Since I gag when I cough, she thought that the inhaler would help. It has. But you need to see me doing it. Now, I have never used one of these. I look like a duck sucking on a soda bottle. No joke. I will not be using this in public.
The cough medicine I am taking is helping a lot. I got to sleep about 4 hours straight this afternoon. I have not done that since Monday. In the days that I have been sick, I don't think I have had a total of 20 hours of sleep. I am beginning to feel it.
My good friend, Tammy is bringing me homemade chicken soup for dinner tonight. I can't wait to try it. What little taste I have. Hopefully, I am on the mend. Miss Talicee is mending also. She actually slept for 3 hours straight. Haven't done this for a while.

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trina said...

You poor thing. I've been home 4 Sundays out of the 5 with a sick child or sick myself. I miss church. Benjamin's sick again...and i always worry when the little ones are sick. I sooo hope you feel better soon.