Sunday, April 05, 2009


Have you been wondering where we have been? We are still here, but very busy. I am still cleaning house. I have 1/2 of my kitchen left to do. I will finish tomorrow. Thank goodness. This is the hardest room to clean.

Monday, Miss Talicee and I made cookies for her preschool class. It was triangle day. Do you know how hard it is to find a triangle cookie cutter? Finally, I used a Christmas tree cutter and cut off the trunk. Turned out great. Miss Talicee made her own shapes with the excess dough. We had a good time baking and decorating. Then worked on cleaning some more. Miss Talicee loved to play in the end tables, that I am selling. Don't you think they need to be sold? They are 19 years old. Haven't decide what we will replace with. Right now that is not on our list.

Tuesday was my Grandmaw's birthday. I called and wished her a happy birthday. She sounded like she was 30 years younger than she really is. It made my heart swell up with gladness. She is my last grandparent and I want to keep her for a long time.

The preschool class had a great time with the triangle cookies. Some figured out what cookie cutter we used. Oh well, it worked.

Wednesday, April Fool's Day was my mom's birthday. I did not play any jokes on her. Seems her age is doing that. LOL Just kidding mom. I finished up the den on cleaning. My yard sale should be great. We don't have much left in the house.

Thursday, preschool again and cleaning more rooms. It feels so good to have the satisfaction of a clean house. I have invited my friends to come and inspect with their white gloves. I am so proud of myself for sticking with the cleaning. If I had done my kitchen first, I would have quit. A kitchen is disgusting. I do clean my kitchen really good, but what hides is just unspeakable. Boys don't help either.

Friday, Randy, Talicee and I went to College for a Weekend. We needed to do the final preps for the new year in August. Can you guess where he has decided to go? I gave you 3 pictures to help out. Go back to older posts and see what schools had accepted him and try and figure it out.
Yes, I cried most of the day. I also had a sense of relief that I was letting him go to a college that he loved and would take care of him.

I picked up some of his graduation announcements. Yes, I cried again. They look so good. He will get his cap and gown and the rest of his announcements this week. Yes, I will be crying again. I am getting better. Got a newsletter about all of the activities that are going to happen between now and June 12th. Yes, I cried and I am crying now. Hopefully, I can get through this. May is a really busy month with Senior stuff.

Ok, I have to talk about something else or I am going to have a head ache. Miss Talicee visited the Tractor Supply Store on Friday. They had baby chicks. She was in seventh heaven. She played and touched every one of them. No, we did not bring one home. 4 kids enough right now.

We had to make a stop in Wally world for tea, since my local store does not have any on the shelf. She has so many gift cards, that she thinks ever time she goes in there she must get something. Well, this time they had toys really reduced. So she bought herself a Hanna Botanna buitar. This is what she calls it. She has played with this toy more than any thing she has. Who knew a $7 toy could bring such joy. Her brothers are not allowed to touch it. Her statement is: You have your buitar for WII, leave mine alone.

Will finish up the spring cleaning this week. My yard sale pile is embarrassing. How can 6 people has so much stuff? We have a busy week ahead of us. Lots of Easter Egg Hunts and parties. Spring Break is next week and 2 of the boys are going to be gone, so it will be an easy week.

If you are interested in any Longaberger, I have LOTS of it for the yard sale. I am hoping to do a slide show of what I have if I can get it together. Prices will be great.

Thanks for following our journey. It is a journey that I love being on.


Susan Appleton said...

Hey Lady!
I wondered where you were at! hahahahahahaha I love the pictures of Talicee! That little girl is one little cutie-pie....I can't wait til we have OUR little sweetie! Sounds like you have been SuPER Busy! GO KIM GO!!!!! There's nothing like Spring to make you want to clean and organize! I love it! Next week is our Spring Break so I'm hoping to get a lot of organizing done. I think we are going to get a new sofa for the den downstairs....THANK GOD! I also want to get some book shelves for both the nursery and the guestroom! Sounds like I will be busy!!!!'s great to see your pics and here what you've been up to......I think I'm going to invest in Kleenex.....sounds like their stock will be going up with all the crying you're doing! hahahahahahaha Girl you know I'm just playing around! YOu have every right to be emotional!!!! Your baby is growing up!!!!
Love ya!

laurel said...

So I am guessing you are doing that dread deep spring cleaning. Fun to catch up. Great slide show. Your family is great.