Saturday, May 02, 2009


The liclac bush by our house

Miss Talicee and Taylor call the Lilac bush a liclac bush

Will I become a beautiful butterfly one day

I love her hair

This is what happens when babies are bad

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Well, April is gone and May is here. I do not have one day that I have nothing to do. I am going to be extremely busy. Maybe it will keep my mind off of graduation.

I love the pics of the lilac bush by our house. Miss Talicee and Taylor call it liclac bush. Too cute. I took this picture of all of the want to be butterflies today while I was pulling weeds. One day they will be beautiful butterflies.

Miss Talicee has found her bathing suits and this is all she wears around the house. This pics shows her with one of the cover ups on and the bottoms are under the shirt. I pick my battles.

When someone is acting up (bad) they go to the corner. The other day I walked into the hall and saw one of her dolls in the corner. I asked why she was there. Miss Talicee said, she has been bad all day and I can not take it any more. I guess I better watch what I say in the future.

We celebrated Trevor's birthday on Tuesday because he had baseball practice on his birthday. It was just simple. I made his favorite dinner (spaghetti) and then had ice cream cake. We had a little cake, because I do not want sweets in the house. He got a new bike for his birthday. You would have thought he won a million dollars. Simple gifts mean so much more than expensive ones.

Next week will be the breaking point for me. I have jam packed days. Tuesday, Miss Talicee has school, then dance. Trevor and I are going to a baseball game for his school. While Miss Talicee is at school, I am going to the High School for the Raysac car give away.

SOL's begin this week (my opinion these are stupid tests) so early to bed when we can. I will be working on the last touches for the after prom party. Prom is Saturday night. So much for Mother's day and traditions. I will be cleaning up the school on Mother's day. There are so many things I have to do this week, I can't even remember. At least I have them written down.

Good thing Miss Talicee is an easy child. Other wise, she would be no fun to take along on all of the things I have to do. As graduation draws near, so do my thoughts of my baby leaving home. (tears) I know he is ready for the real world, but I still like to have that little bit of apron stings attached. Wish me luck on all of the activities I have this week. Maybe I will not become a drinker after things are over with. LOL


Susan Appleton said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the lilac bush! Talicee's little pigtails are soooooooooooo cute!!!!
Hang in there busy Momma! I know it must be an emotional time for you with your baby graduating! That is really very normal, so you just cry those tears! It really is understandable!!!! At least he isn't going to far away, right???? Oh and as a 5thgrade teacher, I TOTALLY agree with your feelings about SOL Tests! I think all teachers do! It's an evil that we endure and try to prepare the kids while also making education fun for them. So, you are NOT alone in your feelings!
Take care girl!
Love ya lots!

laurel said...

Great pictures. I like Talicee's hair too. Thanks for all your support and prayers.