Thursday, June 11, 2009


We have had a very busy week. I guess that is good for me because it has kept my mind off of graduation. I can say that I have 4 great stars.

Monday was Senior Awards Day. Tyler got a honor roll certificate for being on the honor roll in high school and he got the Senior Athletic Award. If you letter in a sport 3 times you get this award. We are very proud of him.

That afternoon, Taylor had his Red/Gray games. This is where the strength and conditioning teams compete against each other. Taylor won the 40 yard dash with 4 and something seconds. He came in second in the medicine ball throw and place in the obstacle course. He is working really hard. I do have to brag a little more. Remember he has never played football before this year. He has been working out with the strength and conditioning team since the beginning of the school year. He has placed in the top 10 in both competitions. Tonight he had a 7 on 7 and had 12 touchdowns. I think he is going to be a great player.

Tuesday, Trevor has a baseball game. Since we live in the rain forest now, it got called because of thunder and lightning. They won this one. Miss Talicee and I spent the day at the pool. It was so hot.

Wednesday, Trevor had his 3rd grade picnic. Again it was so hot. After the picnic, we headed to the pool. Tyler had graduation practice. Taylor had gone to Kings Dominion with his school for a day of fun. While we were at the pool, it began to get very dark. We headed home, because we knew that it was going to rain. Put Miss Talicee down for a nap and then heard the news. Our area was under a tornado WARNING. It was actually just over the mountain from our house. Got her up from her nap and headed to the basement. This was a little scary. Like I said we now live in the rain forest where it rains everyday.

Today, Trevor had his awards ceremony. He got two awards. One was excellence in Fitness and book it. With his learning disability, he did great to get the book it award. We are so proud of him and we are working on dealing with this disability. Had planned to go to the pool after the ceremony, but guess what. Bet you can't guess. It was rainy and cloudy. So we just worked around her on cleaning the house and laundry.

Trevor had a ballgame tonight. He was suppose to have a ballgame on Friday, which is graduation, but the other good team got beat, so his team is the champions. We did play our game for a little while tonight. But guess again, you will not get this guess. IT RAINED, THUNDERED AND LIGHTENED. So it was called, but the score was 18 to 1.

Trevor has had a great year in sports. His football team went undefeated and won the sandlot super bowl. His basketball team went undefeated and won the upwards basketball championship. And now, his baseball team went undefeated and won the minor league championship. Now that is pretty good for the littlest one on the team. We are very proud of him.

Miss Talicee is just Miss Talicee. We have been going so much that when she goes to bed, she is out. The dress that she has on in the slide show was made by Miss Becky. She loves it.

Well, I thought I would get all of this down before tomorrow. Who knows what I will be like. Probably a wet noodle. You would think that I was pregnant again with the mood swings. The cameras and video are ready. The sparkling cider is chillin and the graduation gifts have been given. I also have a box of tissues for tomorrow.

Enjoy the slide show. Hopefully, I can get graduation pics up this weekend.

Enjoy the slide show.


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Becky said...

Miss Talicee does look cute! Although, I thought I the green bow would look good....I am not so sure I like it on there. It detracts to much from cute Talicee is. I am my worst critic, and I say lose the green bow. Otherwise the dress did turn out cute! One down and 7 more to go! Thanks for being such a great support for me and my work!