Sunday, August 16, 2009


Our summer is coming to an end. We have been very busy the past week. Football practice has started and we have already had many scrimmages. Taylor and Trevor practice every day for football. So the taxi service has begun. Sure missing Tyler driving. Taylor will be driving next year.

We spend most of our days at the swimming pool. The kids love it. The older ones go when they have a chance. Trevor is just a pure fish. When he was 4 years old, he taught himself how to swim. I put him in swimming lessons one summer just to learn the strokes. He does great. Miss Talicee is on the right track. She has overcome her fear of water. One of her arm floaties has a hole in it, so she swims with just one. Not that she needs that either. She will get in her float and just float all over the pool. Caught her in the 11 foot the other day. This is one area that she is not allowed.

Today, we had a dinner for Tyler. We are all not home together during the week, so we decided on today. Had one of his favorite meals, steak. He made the comment that when he comes home, he wants home cooking. Love it. After dinner, I had made him apple pie, we made a toast to Tyler. During the toast, Miss Talicee spoke up about missing Tyler and then cried. She thinks that he is not coming back. After a little talk with Tyler, she came back and said to us, when TT gets home, we are going to the movies. Now for mom, I cried at church when someone would say something about him, or I would see him telling everyone goodbye. (tears)

After dinner today, I went to rest and get myself back together. About 2:30, Tyler announces that Kemie and Granddaddy will be here about 3:00. What? My house is a wreck, dishes in the sink. Anyone that knows me, knows that I do not like people seeing my house a mess, not even the cleaning lady when I had one. LOL So up I flew and started the quick clean up.

They came to see Tyler off to college. Since they do not live where we live, they made a special trip up. He was very excited. Saying goodbye is not going to be easy.

Tyler and Kemie

Tyler and Grandaddy

Saying goodbye


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