Thursday, September 17, 2009


Maybe our Halloween costume (this week)

We got a package today

I will take this pretty little girl anyday

First day of dance

First real day of Preschool (last week we only went for a few hours)

These bees where right where we were sitting at the pool

Get the idea of MISS INDEPENDENT

To cold to get in the water

Nuff said

All by herself (it was tooooooo cold to get in)

Loving the water

Enoying her lunch

Dance recital May 09
Just a few pics from the end of summer. I thought with 3 kids, I would have a little more time. Nope, that is not happening.
Had a very rough start to the week. Lots of things not going the way I think they should go. As one of my friends said, things had rocked me to the core of my inter being. Things are looking a lot better as the week goes by.
Ballgames, ballgames. Yes it is Thursday and we have a game today, tomorrow and Saturday. That is football season. The great thing about it is that we get to have dinner with Tyler on Friday night on our way to the ballgame.
Enjoy the pics.


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laurel said...

Fabulous! Love the dance pic.