Monday, December 07, 2009


Friday night we had our Sunday School Christmas Party. It was a catered dinner. It was very good. The desserts were great too. After dinner we played Dirty Santa. A great time was had by all. I do expect to see some of the gifts back next year. I guess that would be called Regifting. LOL


Casserole cover
A hot item that everyone wanted
No body wanted these items
Bump ups and smooth away. Great gift for a man, Ha Ha

The babysitting worked out great. Taylor was in DC on a field trip, so we had to come up with a babysitter for the 2 younger ones. Come to find out, the school PTA was offering babysitting from 6 - 10 with dinner for $5 a child. Could not ask for anything else. The kids had a ball and we did not have to worry about them being home. The next few weeks are packed with activities.

My camera is on its way to the Nikon repair place. Hope I get it back in time for Christmas.


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