Saturday, December 05, 2009


Woke up this morning to snow falling on the ground. Sure does put one in the Christmas spirit. We are going to put the tree up today while Tyler is home for the weekend. Our next few weeks are so packed that we would never get it up.

Have you noticed that there are no pictures lately. Well, lots of things have broken here. Randy had to get a new computer the other day. I sent my laptop to the repair shop to speed it up and yesterday, my good camera broke. We tried everything. Finally called Nikon today and we are sending it back to be repaired. Pray that it makes it back by Christmas. I still have my Canon Sure Shot, but going a step down is not good. I like the speed of the Nikon. Anyway, I would load some of the pictures that I have taken on Randy's computer, but you know men. Enough said.

Do say a special prayer for my middle child. If he makes it to be 16 years old, he will be very lucky. He is my rebel without a cause. This is why I have to color my hair. He is driving me crazy.

So maybe next week I can download some pictures for what we have done this week. I was hoping to get some good Christmas pictures. Oh well, the other camera will have to do.

Going to enjoy the snow and get the tree set up to be decorated when Tyler gets home.


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