Saturday, December 12, 2009


Today Miss Talicee had her Christmas Dance Recital. The song they performed was I want a Hippo for Christmas. It was so cute. The preschoolers are so cute. Trying to keep together is very hard for preschoolers. She loves dance, or anything that puts her at center of attention. After dance, we had family over for lunch and dessert. Very relaxing and if I say so myself, lunch was pretty good. I made homemade baked potatoe soup, salad and homemade fudge. Yesterday I made 4 dozen cookies. Yes, it is the holiday season. After everyone left, we got our things together to go to another party. Our friends at church invited us down for an open house and more food. Miss Talicee was once again the center of attention. Thank you Fritts for inviting us. We love you guys.

Can you believe I slept in these crazy things

These curlers cause you to act like this

They really made me do this
Thanks mom

But look, don't I look cute with the curls

Mom needs her big camera back. DO YOU HEAR ME NIKON???????????????

Yes, that is me, but camera did not take a good picture. You know I am cute, but this camera does not think so today.


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