Saturday, December 26, 2009


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Well Christmas has come and gone. Yesterday, Trevor was up at 4:00 am. We sent him back to bed. Then up again at 6:00. This time he got his sister up and then we had to get up. Headed downstairs to see what Santa had left. All 4 of them were very excited.

Tyler got alot of gift cards and clothes. Taylor got a phone. Let's see how long he keeps it. Trevor got Wii Resort Sports and Miss Talicee got a baby doll and a panda. All 4 of them have played so good for 2 days. With the way the economy is, Christmas was slim picking this year. But you know, my kids were very happy with what they got. They have not been getting things all year like they used to. So more appreciation came yesterday for what they did get. New concept that I am going to start using.

Yesterday, we just stayed home in our pj's all day long. We have a nice breakfast. I fix what everyone likes for breakfast. Good thing it is the same thing. Then for a late lunch, we have a full meal. Today we have basically done nothing either. I cleaned house and did laundry. Randy worked on the business and the kids played with their toys. Nice not running and going all of the time.

Finally, tomorrow Miss Talicee is going to get to do her Preschool Choir at Church. We have not been to church for 2 weeks due to weather. She is so excited. We rolled her hair again like we did for dance. I will post pictures of her in her dress and hair tomorrow. We will be heading to our final Christmas at the beginning of the week. Then a New Year's Party at our house.

Enjoy the slideshow. I could not get blogger to work for 2 days now. So I did smilebox.



Anonymous said...

Love It! We will have to make matching doll/ Talicee outfits for the new doll. Lilly got that same kind but the one in a red dress. You will have to check it out. But I do for see matching outfits! Hummm...maybe one in the near future?

Susan Appleton said...

Love you blog! Looks like your family had a wonderful Christmas!