Wednesday, December 23, 2009


We had one of our Christmases this week. We headed home to my parents. We had a good time. The kids really liked their gifts. Tonight we went to church with my parents to see the Children's play. It was so cute. The children did a great job. Enjoy the pictures.

Update on the camera situation. Was promised that I would get it by Dec. 23rd. It was shipped out on Monday, which meant that it would be here at my house on Dec. 23rd. Guess what, NOT HERE. It is was on the truck for delivery today, but according to the website, weather prohibited the delivery. Well, this is bull. I took my van out and got back in with no problems at all. Now there is now reason that they could not delivery my package. So tomorrow morning, Randy will be staking the UPS will call office to pick it up. I AM NOT TRUSTING THE DELIVERY PERSON TO GET IT TO ME. Geesh, you would think that they would realize it is Christmas and I NEED MY CAMERA.


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