Monday, December 07, 2009


During the thanksgiving break, we head to my family for a few days. Friday it snowed a little. Put everyone in the Christmas mood. After having our family Thanksgiving meal, mom, my sister and I headed out to do our annual Black Friday Afternoon shopping. We left about 2 pm and got home around 1 am. We had such a good time. I laughed until I was crying. The next day my stomach and sides where so sore from laughing. Saturday, we went back for a few hours to get what we thought about over night. Then we packed up and headed home. Funny story. My sister asked me to text Randy and ask him to tell her husband to get some eggs (she was driving and could not do it). I did. But some how the message got distorted. They did get eggs, but we got 36 eggs to take home. Now it is about 1 1/2 ride home and our van is packed with everything but the hunting gear. Poor Taylor had to ride all the way home with the eggs on his lap. NEVER LEAVE A MESSAGE FOR A MAN TO GET EGGS.

Trevor and Lilo being lazy

Miss Talicee in her Sunday best.(camera is beginning to mess up)


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