Thursday, February 04, 2010


After getting in from school today, Taylor got to celebrate his birthday. Yes, they went to school for 1 day this week. He asked for hotwings and homemade onion rings. I got him an ice cream cake from Diary Queen. I told him that I forgot to tell them that Taylor was a boy. So he thought his cake was girly. As you can see, I played a joke on him. He got money and a pair of Oakley sunglasses. This seems to be the trend in our family now. When you turn 16, you get nice sunglasses to wear while driving. It will be June before he is driving by himself. Good thing, because he is still not ready.

A couple of the pictures in the slideshow are of Miss Talicee and the snow. She loves to help me in the kitchen. Her chore is to put the silverware away. (no knifes or sharp utensils). The snow picture is Tuesday when it snowed again. It caused us to be out of school again on Wednesday. Just got word that schools are closed tomorrow too. One day this week. The kids did bring home the work for next week. Should have done that last week.

Taylor is now relaxing and watching TV. I do think he had a good birthday.


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