Sunday, June 20, 2010



Some of these teachers were my teachers

Dust busting cat hair off of her butt

My Spanish teacher

Mom is usually the locker cleaner. This was gotten from a locker after school was out.

Miss Talicee ready for her princess birthday party

Yes, this is the first time he is driving on his own.

We have again had a busy week and weekend. Will it ever slow down? I feel like I am on a race track going around and around. Thursday, Taylor became a legal driver. He has waited almost a whole year for this. He has a lot of restrictions, but so did his brother. After a while he will get them lighten up. I still worry, but what parent doesn't.

Saturday was a very busy day. Randy is getting ready to head out of town for a month, so he is trying to get things done around town before leaving. So he worked a 1/2 day on Saturday. Talicee has a birthday party she was invited to and I was going home for Mom's retirement luncheon. Talicee has a great time at the party. She is so social that I think she would have a great time with dummy's. I really enjoyed spending time with mom and my sister. It was very relaxing. I got to see some of my teachers when I was in high school. I can not believe that mom is retiring. Dad did a year ago. I guess I have to face the fact that they are getting older. Me on the other hand, I am not getting any older at all.

Today, was a very relaxing day. Headed to church. Randy had to wait on the truck with the supplies he needs for the job. He finally made it to church. We came home and relaxed before heading to Natural Bridge for dinner. I wanted to take some pictures of this beautiful place, but you know boys. We had to get back. We then relaxed some more at the pool until some nosey people ruined our day. You know, I will discipline my children the way I want to. It is none of their business how I do that. But today it seemed to be this couples business. Let me say, if I see them again, I will say something to them. Just mind your own business. People these days are way to nosey. Now we are trying to get the kids in bed so that I can get in bed. Another busy week. Trevor has Mission Roanoke all week with VBS, Taylor begins weight lifting and Tyler works his 2 jobs. I have the babies all week. They will be 1 on Friday. Saturday, they have a party that we will be going to. We will leave that and head to Taylor's weightlifting banquet. It is always something.


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