Friday, July 09, 2010


You know that phone call that you dread getting. Well, at 5:37 p.m. I got that phone call. I had just finish cleaning my house and was headed up stairs to vacuum the carpet. The phone rang. I could hardly hear the other person on the line. He told me his name, but I could not remember it. He told me that Randy had been in an accident. I remember saying what are you talking about. He said that Randy had wrecked his truck and was waiting on 911 to get there. My mind went blank. What was I hearing? I gathered my thoughts and proceeded to get things together. All 3 boys were together, so I did not need to worry about them. Talicee on the other hand had heard the conversation. What would I do with her. I knew that she could not go with me. I called a wonderful friend and explained to her what had happened and she said bring her on over. I got her together and headed out.

I arrived at the hospital a short time later. There was a State Trooper getting in his car. I approached him to see if he was there for the accident. He was. I asked him how he was and what had happened. He said he was hurt, but not too bad that he could see. He said that he asked him some questions, but could not answer them all. I headed in looking for my parents who where already there. They had taken Randy for xrays and a ct scan. So I had time to get my thoughts together and talk to mom and dad.

He finally came back to the emergency room and I got to see him. He was covered in blood and was in a neck brace. Something that I never want to see again. He began to explain to me what had happened.

Wednesday night, he had not gone to bed until 1:00. He got up at 5:00 and headed out of town again for a huge job he is working on. The temps on Thursday was really hot. I think the heat index was 115. Anyway, he worked all day on the job then headed back home so that he could do some service calls. He was on the phone with one of his customers. Since the belt for the air conditioning was squealing, he was not running it. He had rolled the window 1/2 way up to hear his customer. He said that once across the bridge, he felt really hot and light headed. The next thing he knew, he was on his side in the truck.

The gentlemen behind him helped him out by kicking the windshield out. Later we found out that he was a retired State Trooper from VA. Beach. He knew what to do. Randy's truck had sled on its side and hit a rock embankment. If he had not had his window up, he would have lost his arm. The State Trooper also said that if he had not passed out, he would not be with us today.

God took a hold of June 24th. Things were not going right in our lives for a while and was getting worse. God saw this and decided that a change must happen. So as the truck was sliding, God took his arms and wrapped them around Randy and protected him. This is the only reason we can explain of how he survived with out more serious injures. Randy taught Sunday School last Sunday and there was not a dry eye in class.

This accident has made us realize that life is too short to live an unhappy life. We have made major changes in our lives. Yes, we are dealing with the effects of the accident day by day. But everyday, we thank God for what he has done for us.

Randy continues to improve. He has had every test know to man run on him. He can not drive until at least 9/2 or later. He is wearing a heart monitor. They can not find anything wrong with him. So far we are marking it up to exhaustion. I made the comment that I feel like I am sleeping with a robot because of all the equipment.

Thanks everyone for all your prayers. We will get through this and become better Godly people for this opportunity.



Becky said...

Your family has been through so much. It really is amazing how God has a way of working through things. At times we really don't see it or understand it. But it seems that the answers are usually revealed with time and faith. I am glad to know that Randy is on the mend. You have been in my prayers. If there is anything I can do let me know. I know I am in another state but if there is any little thing that I can do I will. Hugs to all of you!

Susan Appleton said...

I am so glad that Randy is doing better and that this tragedy has produced some good results. It is amazing how we take each other for granted and sometimes it takes God stepping in and allowing something like this to happen to show us how much people mean in our lives. You and Randy are wonderful people and good friends and we love you so much! God bless you and your family!!!!
Love ya girl!

Jill said...

OMGoodness Kim! What an awful ordeal to be dealing with. I am so proud of the tw of you to be seeing His word in all of this. I am also so thankful to hear that Randy is going to be "okay". My thoughts and prayers are with both of you and the kids.
Hugs friend.

Cheri said...

Oh Kim, I'm glad Randy is doing better. Jordan had told me about the accident. I'm glad also that God got hold of you all and that we don't have to understand His ways.

Miss ya.

Cheri said...

Oh Kim, I'm glad Randy is doing better. Jordan had told me about the accident. I'm glad also that God got hold of you all and that we don't have to understand His ways.

Miss ya.