Friday, August 27, 2010


Well, once again football is starting in our area. The boys have been practicing since the first of the month. School is in full swing. Miss Talicee loves school. She gets up in the mornings and is ready to leave. She is already writing in cursive. Next week she will start Spanish. She told the teacher that she can count to 10 in Spanish already. Her little mind is just sapping up the knowledge. Trevor is loving 5th grade. More freedom than the younger grades. Taylor is loving high school this year. Maybe the teacher will not call him an idiot this year. He has college courses this year, so it is a little tougher for him. Of course, I never see a book open, but he has the grades for that too.

We are headed to our first football game of the season tonight. We are playing our rivals in the county. Should be a good game. Then we are headed out of town to purchase Randy a new truck. He is so excited to be getting a new truck. His words " I can't work out of the little truck, I need to move equipment around." He is doing a lot better. He has been released from one Dr. She oked him to drive again. Heart Dr. appointment next week and we are praying that he also releases him. All test have come back NEGATIVE. Our life is getting some what back to normal.

Trevor will start his football season after Labor Day. Miss Talicee starts dance on Monday. So the running will really begin. Talicee is so excited because she will be able to be a cheerleader for upwards this year. She has been practicing every day. I have been on vacation from the twins this week. I have cleaned and organized my house. I can not work in a dirty house. Since everyone is in school, it should stay clean a little while longer. Was going to the pool today, but have not seen the sun yet. So will just take a nap instead.

Life at the Landes household is never boring.


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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a bit of heaven...having all the kids in school with time to clean...but it is also heaven to have them home constantly underfoot:) Hope Talicee likes her school class:)