Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The end of September and the beginning of October are very busy months for birthdays in our house. Mine is Sept. 23rd, Tali's is Oct. 3rd and Randy's is Oct. 6th. Since Talicee birthday was on Sunday, we got to have ice cream cake for breakfast. Randy got to choose where we would eat. Since he is out of town, this makes it hard for celebrating.

My sister and mom were down for the weekend so my sister gave her her present. It was Zhu Zhu pets. They now live in my bedroom. Randy's mom had given her some too. Always wanted rats living in my house that are not real. Sunday Tali got to open her presents from us. We did not give her any gifts when she had her tea party. She got a Pinklicious bike, a pillow pet and things to do her nails. You know she is all girl.

Wednesday, Randy came home because we had a football game. Tyler came in to celebrate Randy's birthday too. It was quick and simple. He got things that he needed. Nothing big because we were treating ourselves to a retreat the that weekend. Shared some ice cream cake and then we where off. Seems like that is our life anymore. Life just doesn't slow down.


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