Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Last May, Miss Talicee, Trevor and I had a dentist appointment. Everything was fine. Talicee had gone to the local peds dentist to get a cavity filled and another major fix. So May was our 6 months check up. We already knew she had a cavity on the other side, but thought we could have it filled in the office and move on.

So in June we went back to the dentist to have it filled. Lets just say she is Dentist phobic. Needless to say we did not get the tooth filled. So he sent us to another peds dentist. Now remember that we had just gone to the dentist in May and the only thing that was wrong was the cavity that we already knew she had and tried to fill. Well, this peds dentist proceeded to tell me that she had 5 cavities on top, 5 on bottom, needed another major procedure and had some kind of mouth disease in her mouth. Now, I am standing there with my mouth hanging open thinking what happened in 4 weeks. RED FLAGS were flying up everywhere. He proceeded to tell me that in order to have all of this done, she would have to go to the hospital, be put under and the estimate was only for what he saw now, not what he would find once in there. Now we are talking about an estimate of $5,000 for baby teeth that will come out in a few years. He also said that I had to pay cash, check or credit card. They do not take insurance. What? I was so uncomfortable with this. I came home and talked to Randy about it. We decided that if her teeth are this bad, they are going to fall out earlier than expected and the big teeth will be ok. If it was her big teeth, we would have done it in a heart beat.

Fast forward 5 months. Talicee had a dentist appoint yesterday. I was so nervous. I just knew that the regular dentist would tell us the same thing. We went in and she was very good for the dentist. Which I expected drama. I began to tell her about our last experience. She checked Talicee's teeth 3 times to make sure she did not miss anything. THERE WAS NO NEW CAVITIES EXCEPT THE ONE WE ALREADY KNEW ABOUT. Her comment was, she has excellent teeth. Need to get that one fixed and they will see her in 6 months. Music to my ears. Those words took a boulder off of my shoulders.

It really makes me mad that there are dentist out there that will take advantage of people just to put money in their pocket. I have since then talked with several people and they have told me the same story that I was told. Glad I listened to myself and chose the route we chose.

Off subject: Have you missed seeing pictures? Well, my camera is in the shop. Last year when they put the new software in there, they did not sink the lens with the new software. I thought the camera would adjust itself after uses. Wrong, so it is in the shop now being fixed. I am really missing it. Hope it gets back soon. I am using my little one in the mean time. Will post pics when I get a chance.



Cheri said...

Oh, my! You will have to email me the name of the dentist. I love our dentist. He gives me the option for x-rays or sealants. I like him alot. Glad things worked out.

Eva had to have a filling on a baby molar back in the summer. It was not a cavity, but a lack of enamel, probably from in utero. She had it filled with no problems or crying. She LOVES the dentist. I do, too. It is the only place I can go and just relax, all by myself!

Jill said...

Happened to DH a few months back. I was SHOCKED. Sad that people are so unethical isn't it?

Glad Miss T is dong well!re