Saturday, December 11, 2010


We are trying a real tree this year. We haven't had a real tree since Taylor was 2. Trevor and Talicee have never had one. They were so excited last night when we went to get our tree. I am a little picky. I know you can not believe that. Anyway, since Taylor works at Country Corner, I put my request in. Yesterday on my way to pick Miss Talicee up from school, I noticed a truck with fresh cut trees at the store. Well, I texted Taylor and told him to pick us out one.

Taylor texted me about 5:30 and said that they were not going to unload the trees until Saturday morning. Big disappointment. I knew the ones on the lot were at least a week or 2 old. We needed a tree, so I grab my big girl britches up and headed out to get the tree. To my surprise, as we drove up, I saw them unloading trees. Yeah, a fresh cut tree. We looked and looked. We could not have a tall tree. It could not be very fat. Finally, we found the perfect tree. Taylor tied it up and loaded it on the trooper. We headed home.

The 2 little ones were so excited they were bouncing off the wall. Randy got the tree set in the stand and Trevor watered it. I put my tree trimming baskets on the tree. Some are a little heavier than others, so I needed to place them in the right place as not to fall. The kids finished the rest of the decorations. I think I will wait until the week of Christmas to put the away gifts under the tree. My twins are very nosey. I think they would find their gifts. I do have to say, the smell of pine is very relaxing. After my week, I need the relaxation.

Miss Talicee and I are headed out to our annual Families with Chinese Children Christmas Party. I look forward to this every year. I love seeing all of the little ones that have found their forever families. Look for pictures to come soon of that. For now enjoy the tree decorating party.


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Casey said...

Looks like fun!! I love hunting for a real tree. Liam is allergic to pine so we have to stick with fake. Boo!

Talicee looks adorable in her I'm Good tshirt!! I love it!!