Sunday, June 12, 2011


I am one proud mom. Trevor received 6 awards on awards day. Some I knew he was getting and others I had no idea. The biggest surprise came at the end of the ceremony.

Every year from 1st grade until now except for one year, Trevor had received the Anthony Kirby Award. This award is awarded to a student that shows care, and respect through out the school year. This award is named after a student that had died after receiving a blood transfusion. He showed these characteristics. The school usually calls me the week before to let me know that he has won this award and to make sure I am there to see it.

Well, I never got a call. So Tuesday night I sat Trevor down during dinner and told he that he probably did not receive this award because they had not called me. We talked about showing respect to the winner and to be gracious to the winner. He cried but agreed to this.

After receiving all of the awards, I thought to myself. This will soften the blow of not receiving the Anthony Kirby Award. We were down to the end of the awards ceremony. Mrs. Lingle announced the winners for the 4th grade. The she announced the girl winner in the 5th grade, and holding my breath, she announced the boy winner. We were all in shock. Trevor turned to see me int he crowd with the biggest smile on his face. He had won the award he worked hard for. The principal sought me out before the announcement to see my face when his name was called. Talk about one happy mom and one little boy.

I am just so proud of Trevor. From struggling with an illness when he was little, to loosing his hearing in kindergarten, or just figuring out that he lost it and the learning what learning disability he had, he has come a long way. He can hear now. Still trying to deal with all of the sounds he hears at once, but teaching himself how to do it. He has been taken off the help section in the SOL for reading. He has met his goal and does not need any help in reading. He stills struggles with math a little. But that is coming along to. With more work, he will over come this too. He passed his SOL's for the first time this year. This was one of the biggest goals he set for himself.

I can't wait to see what God has in store for him in the future. He did not promise us that life would be easy when raising children, but promise to help us. I am just one beaming mom.

On Wednesday, Trevor graduated tom 5th grade. Of course, I cried.

Biggest Award of all

A big 6th grader now

Proud siblings

Some of his friends

His favorite teacher



Cheri said...

WooHoo Trevor! I would be satisfied the rest of my life if the only award my son received was the Anthony Kirby award. Way to go! I pray he never loses that caring spirit.

Nate said...

Just catching up. Wow! Talicee is growing up. Congratulations to Trevor as well. Children are the best!