Sunday, October 02, 2011


Am I addicted or what. I have not had my laptop for 3 weeks. Talk about dt's. I had them. Then life got in the way and I forgot all about the laptop. I have been using Randy's computer to just keep up with things. That is why there are not pictures and updates on the blog. He will not let me put pictures on his computer and download. He says that is why my computer needed to be repaired.

So many things have happened since I last was on there. My children, my children is all that I will say. They will be the death of me for sure. It is so sad that I have had my computer since Friday and now just found time to turn it on. Life is just too busy right now to even sleep.

Tomorrow is Miss Talicee's birthday and another work week. Thursday is Randy's birthday. Mine as 2 weeks ago. If this gives you any idea of how busy we have been. Then there are the other 3 boys and the dog. Oh, the dog. Let's just say she thinks she is a human.

Well, I will update more on our boring life and pictures when I get time. Maybe when I am up in the wee hours of the night.


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