Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Football is our life in the fall. This is Taylor's last year to play. He may not get a scholarship or play college ball, but he gives football his all. He loves football more than life. Hard to believe that he had not played football until his freshman year. Our team has not been great this year. We did win last Friday night. Yes, it was by one. But it was a win. This Friday night is Senior Night. I keep telling myself, I AM NOT GOING TO CRY. But the ones that know me, that will happen. I have cried since June.

Speaking of Seniors, I had to order Cap and Gown tonight and invitations. Where has the time gone. Tyler has ordered his college ring and now Taylor is ordering his items for the last few steps of his High School years. Yes, I am crying right now.

We are so proud of him. He is my strong willed child. At times of his life, I have wondered if he would make it to graduation. He is very smart, just wish he would apply himself. He is now working on trying to decide where he wants to go to school and what he wants to major in. We have it narrowed it down to about 2 things. He is one kid that will succeed at whatever he tries.

Time is flying by so fast. The first semester is almost over for him. Next semester he will go 1/2 a day and then work the other 1/2. If he had Government and English together, he would be able to graduate this December. So glad I have a few more months to cry.

So very proud of my strong willed child.

Just look at #78. He is huge.


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