Friday, June 08, 2012


 Not only did we have other activities this weekend, we had Baccalaureate on Sunday for the Class of 2012. And after this we had our year end event for Awanas at a park. The message at Baccalaureate was great "Packing for Success". It really spoke to the graduates. After words there was a small reception for them. The cakes were so pretty. Once again we got a lot of pictures. I need this for my sanity. See once Taylor leaves in August, it will be a few months before he is back home for a visit. Sure going to miss his smile. (oh no tears again) When will the tears stop? Now on to the big night. Graduation. Oh, how I have dreaded this day. I still can not believe he is graduating from high school and headed off to college. All moms want their children near the nest. Mine will be 8 hours away. Yes, I am sad, yes I am happy, yes he will do great. 

My only child with those dimples


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