Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Finishing out October and beginning November 

Time is just flying by.  We finished out October with football and playoffs.  Then Trevor and Talicee had their banquets.  Trevor moves to fast for me to get a picture of him getting his award.  Talicee was a little slower, but not much.  Trevor loves football so much.  He is hoping that by next year, he has grown quiet a bit.  If not, he still will be a great player no matter what his size.  

Talicee loves cheerleading.  It comes very natural to her.  She attended 2 camps this summer and you can really tell the improvement she has made.  She is currently doing cheerleading for church.  

We never have an evening home in the fall.  Right now it is very nice that we have a little down time.

Her favorite cheer
Trevor's football team


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