Tuesday, March 12, 2013


This weekend we made the trip to Harrisonburg to visit Randy's parents. His mom had surgery about 3 weeks ago and we needed to visit. Well, this area was expecting the snow like our area. Of course, they got it. Over 13 inches of snow. It was so beautiful on the mountains as we headed in. I kept saying, I need to get a picture of this. Well, on Sunday I finally got a picture of the mountains. Breath taking. While there was snow on the mountains, the temp was 65 degrees. I sat by the pool in the sun and read a book. Most of you know that our life has taken a ferris wheel circle. Being a single parent during the week has taken everything that I have got. I get the kids up in the morning, I take them to school. I get them from school, I take them to what ever they are doing that day. I bath and feed them. When 8:00 or later rolls around, I am putting kids in the bed and heading there myself. So reading a book was great joy for me this weekend. And by the pool in the month of March was wonderful. I needed this relaxation. Thank God for the great weather. The one picture of Talicee is with Flat Stanley. He is visiting with us this week. One of Talicee's Hubei sisters is doing a project about Flat Stanley. She lives in CA. So Flat Stanley has visited Hong Kong, New Mexico and now Virginia. The beginning of next week he will take off again for another state or country. We are waiting on his travel plans now. We have a lot in store for him this week. Today he rode to school with us. Tomorrow he will go to Trevor's first track meet and then to dance with us. He will get to play with the children I keep too. You never know what he will do in our household and our life. The picture of Talicee with her doll was taken back in February. She was playing one day and came downstairs and had dressed herself just like her doll. She is so creative. I am very behind on my blogging. But it feels good to be able to just type away like I am doing now. I have missed it. Maybe I can find some more time to blog. Hope I still have readers out there.


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