Sunday, May 26, 2013


What a day this was. We knew we already loved this little girl, but had no idea what she looked like. We waited for our agency to call us to let us know that they were looking at her picture and that we would see it as soon as they scanned it. They began to tell us all about her. All of our dreams came true when we got to see this precious little girl. She was so beautiful. Everything that we had asked God for. Happy Referral Day Li Li Qun (Talicee Faith LiLi Landes). We love you to the moon and back and more.
This picture says it all (would love to have it)
What a difference 7 years makes.  She still has those beautiful lips and her hair is just a black but much longer.  What a firecracker she is.  She loves life to the fullest.  Loves to draw and is quiet good at it.  Her hand writing is something else for a 7 year old.  Loves dance, cheerleading and gymnastics.  But most of all she loves her brothers more than anything.  She cries when they leave.  God had this little girl picked out for us long before we knew it.  She is a perfect fit for our family.  I can not believe that 7 years has already past since the first day we laid eyes on her.  Looking forward to spending many years with her and learning along the way.  

We love you Talicee Faith LiLi Landes


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