Wednesday, May 10, 2006

We live on 5 acres. We have no neighbors. Wildlife is abundant around here. We have a mama deer and twins around here all of the time. Turkeys travel through our yard. We even have a ground hog that weighs about 50 pounds. He is huge.
My middle son came home from school today. He wanted me to see something. I went out and this is what he had. Yes ,it is a baby ground hog. The ground hog was very gentle. He then took it back to its home. My boys are like this. If it does not bite first, they will eventually examine until time to pick up.
Ok, I am learning about photos. I should have turned this one before uploading. Oh well, turn your computer. LOL
Can you tell I am getting excited. Come on end of the month.

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Bee's Blog said...

Your boys are so adorable. I am sure they are going to teach Taclicee how to bring home 'animals' to mom.