Tuesday, May 30, 2006


It is now May 30, 2006 at 4:43 am. I just checked the fedx site to see where the VERY IMPORTANT papers are. They left Memphis, TN at 4:45 pm on SUNDAY, May 28th. It is now TUESDAY. I guess the package is touring again. It did this when they left CO. on FRIDAY afternoon, May 26th. The package toured CA for one day and then decided to make its way to the east coast. Priority has taken a new definition: it now means that when ever we want to get it to you. No matter what day or time. (4 days now).

If the package arrives today, I have to track Randy down to get his signature, then take the return envelope to the Fedx office. So there will be no new pictures or any more info on her until tomorrow. I feel like I am stuck in mud and can not get anywhere. This is the birth of our new daughter. I feel someone has taken my daughter and hid her from me. They are teasing me with one picture. Not that I don't get to have her in my arms right now, but I have lived through one picture for 4 days now. Just a little frustrated with the whole Fedx system.

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