Thursday, June 08, 2006

I had lunch with some of my friends on Tuesday. These are 2 of the gifts I received. I just love these little dresses. This is so much fun. I have never been able to buy girly things. I just can't wait. I hope Randy has a hidden bank account somewhere. I see so many cute things, that I have a hard time not buying.
Thank you Phyllis and Lori. I love the dresses. Talicee will look so cute in them. I can't wait to dress her up.

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becky said...

Kim I am with you on the whole girly thing. Four bio boys here! You will have to have her model I know she will look like an angel in those outfits. Best wishes and enjoy her always.

Becky in TX
impatiently waiting on the stork to deliver MY first girl! But we ARE NEXT....LID 6-16-05