Friday, June 09, 2006

This is the most populated city in central China. Hubei has a population of 58 million. Wuhan has a population of 5.3 million. This will be like going to New York City. 3 parts make up the metropolitan area giving the city the nickname of "Three Towns of Wuhan." These nicknames again.
The 3 Gorge Dam will control the flooding within the city. It is due to be completed in 2009.
There are 3 major bridges in Wuhan. In 1957 the First Chang River Bridge was built over the Yangtze River. Four lane roads run above while a double-track railway runs under.
The 2nd Bridge is designated to handle 50,000 vehicles a day. That is a lot of traffic.
The 3rd Bridge serves as a major hub for Wuhan Ring Road. This bridge was built in 2000.
Wuhan has many tourist attractions:
East Lake
Rock and Bonsai Museum
Luxury Riverboat Tours
The Yellow Crane Tower
Jiging Street - a place full of roadside restaurants and street performers
There are 8 national Colleges and Universities and 13 Public Colleges and Universities located just in the city of Wuhan. Lots of intelligent students within this population.
Southwestern mandarin is spoken in Wuhan. Wuhan is one of the 4 "Furnaces" in China due to the hot summers. Once again we will be traveling during this time. I guess it will be like being in Florida during the month of July. Been there done that thing.
Some of the popular foods in Wuhan are:
Re gan mian (noodle) I guess it is like our Ramen noodles
Tang(soup) Bao(bun) (dumpling with juicy meat inside)
Ya Bo Zi (Chinese dish made with duck necks and spices) No thank you
Dou Pi (Local dish with egg, rice, beef, mushrooms and beans)
(May live off of this for 2 weeks)
Something that caught my eye while researching was that Wuhan has a sister city in the US. That city is Pittsburgh, PA since 1982. This is one city that we have visited while visiting family. We will stay in this city and receive our daughter on Forever Family Day. She will travel from her orphanage to the city for adoption.
We are looking forward to visiting this city and enjoying the attractions, the people and the Chinese culture.

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