Sunday, December 03, 2006


I can not believe how time is flying by. It seems like yeaterday that we first saw her picture. She is beginning to show a lot of her personality. She is becoming very comfortable with her family. She does the cutest things. When we pray for our meals, she will put her hands together to pray also. She will place her hand beside her mouth as to say "oh my". She is cruising the furniture. She still is not strong enough to stand on her own yet. I caught Talicee standing her her crib the other morning. This is something that she has never done before. She would just sit in there. She is getting braver and braver.

We are in the middle of putting the Christmas decoration out and she is just in awe over them. She loves the snowmen. She loves lights. Once we get the tree done, she is going to love all of the lights.

We are enjoying her so much. We are so thankful for what God has given us.


Ryan and Heather Oldenburg said...

She is so beautiful I love her little poneytail! What a sweetie

Bee's Blog said...

Talicee is growing up so fast. She is getting cuter and cuter by the day. I just love her hair.

Robin said...

I just love Miss Talicee's grown up pony! She looks to be very happy. Keep up the good work. God truly does provide the right situation for everyone. :-)