Sunday, April 22, 2007

9 Months in Foster Care and 9 Months as a US Citizen!!!!!!!!
Our little Hokie, We will prevail!!!
The President of the United States in Virgina
for our tragic history making event

Eye catching sight (Stroller and Squeaky shoes)

What is this thing doing the same thing I am?

I am one cool China Angel

Stopping to smell the flowers

Well, we have been home for 9 months today. Everything that we read before adopting talked about the months in foster care/orphanage. They stated that once you have exceeded the months of their stay in other care and are now in your care, things will change. Some one knows what they are talking about. We have experienced the biggest change yet. This is one busy, happy and very nosey China angel. Having 3 boys can not hold a candle to this Hubei hottie.

Miss Talicee is very happy. She really laughs more now. She even laughs at herself. She loves the wiggles. I bought her a dvd the other day and she carries it around all day. She has learned to turn the tv on. So now the tv is on all of the time. She is talking a lot more. She loves to eat. She eats from the time she gets up until time for bed. She will go to the cabinet and get out cereal and carry it to me so that I can put it in a bowl. This is her favorite right now. I wished I could eat like she does and not gain weight. LOL

She is walking up a storm. It is still a little wobbley, but getting there. She loves this new found freedom. She is trying to run but has not quiet mastered that yet. She climbs on anything anywhere. Miss Talicee has a habit of pushing the chairs out from the table and climbing on it. If there is food on the table, boy look out, she is coming after it. She has a splat mat that goes under her high chair. She now has learned to put it on the floor and pull her high chair over to the table. The mat has Elmo on it and he is very big in our house now. Since spring break, we have been very busy. Spring has finally sprung and we are enjoying the warm weather. Many of the flowers are up and blooming. Miss Talicee has never seen this in the US. It is so much fun showing her what God has created for her to enjoy. Saturday was a very warm day. She played outside all day. She had her baby stroller out with her baby and stolled. She played on the play set. She pitched ball with the boys. The one thing that she does not like to do is step on the dandylions. Our yard is full of them. So every step she would stop and pick the flowers. I don't think she has ever seen a dandylion before. She does not like the grass between her toes either. So you toe people, I don't think you will be seeing her toes in the grass.

Miss Talicee likes to play with dolls. We had not bought her a baby stroller yet, because she was not walking. So I bought her one the other day. I should have done this months ago. She loves this thing. It even goes to church with us. When she rides in her car seat, she holds onto the handles. This is too funny. We went to Sam's the other day. When you have 3 growing boys and 2 of them are teenagers, we spend a lot of time in Sam's. I had bought her the stroller earlier in the day. She took that in the store. She also had her squeaky shoes on. Boy was she an eye catcher. She would push her stroller and her shoes would squeak. Everyone was admiring her. I thought she was very funny.

As many of you know, Virginia suffered a very tragic history making scene this week. With so many connections to Virgina Tech, I felt that Miss Talicee should beware of the tragedy when she is old enough to learn about it. This effects her family and her state that she lives in. Our hearts are broken. Please keep the families in your prayers and also the killers family in your prayers. A very difficult situation to have to deal with. I am uploading some pictures of the events of this week. It is real sad when the President of the United States come to your hometown for a tragic history making event. This event will be one that my younger children will be learning about in years to come.

I am so thankful to God for allowing me to adopt this little China angel. I never knew what a little girl could add to a a family of 3 boys. She keeps them hopping. I do have to say that she has all 3 of them wrapped around their fingers. We are so in love with all 4 of our children.
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Emily LinDa said...

I was so very touched by this entry. Talicee is so beautiful and so lucky. You are so blessed to have her as well. I loved the stroller squeeky shoes pictures! Emily loves to push her own stroller too...she is a crazy driver though so she gets lots of help. I feel so blessed to have Emily in our lives. She brings pure joy every day! It is fun watching Talicee to see what is to come. We feel like Talicee and Emily have a bond!

laurel said...

She is so darling! Loved the glasses. She is truly a sweet girl. You can see it in her smile.