Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Trevor's PTA Program
Trevor and his speaking part
My little performer

Miss Talicee hugging Trevor

Taylor, Trevor and Miss Talicee

Tonight we had a PTA program for the 1st graders at school. About a month ago I got a letter from Trevor's teacher about what he should dress as. I know you have already guessed it. It was a little chinese boy. We had bought all of the boys an outfit in China, but Trevor grew too fast to stay in his. So our good friends, The Miller's, we in China getting sweet Hudson last month and picked us up one. The size was perfect. Thank you guys.

The program was great. Many of the children where dressed in different country attire. They sang songs about many of the countries. Trevor had a speaking part also. I think he is going to be the actor in the family. He loves to perform in front of an audience. Of course Miss Talicee likes to perform too, but in her own way.

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laurel said...

So great! What fun for your son. I bet he did a great job. Hope you are all well.