Monday, July 16, 2007

Celebrations and Party Time
The best meal I have ever had in my life
Cool, Oakley Sunglasses

Miss Talicee waiting on presents
Tyler's ice cream cake that is already gone

Well, the day has almost come to an end. Tyler has had a great lazy day. He slept in and then headed to the pool where he slept some more. We came home so that Miss Talicee could have a nap too.

We then got dressed for our wonderful dinner at Frankie Rowlands. This is a rest. that Randy and I attend on our anniversary. Can only afford to go once a year. This is the rest. that Tyler had picked for his birthday. Oh my, what can I say. The meal was EXCELLENT. It always is. Tyler had a 20 oz steak and baked potatoe. Then he had a molten chocolate cake for dessert. He was in heaven. He even tried our lobster bisque. He liked it, but didn't want a bowl himself. He got to drive downtown and back home. His words were, I hate driving downtown. So I guess I will not have to worry about him driving down there very often.

It has been a great day. Tyler was very pleased with his day. Thank you God for this wonderful child.


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