Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Final Adoption Process has begun

Guess what I got yesterday? You are right. I got the papers from the lawyer. All we have to do is sign, notorize and send money. Then we wait for the courts to approve us. Once they have approved us, we will get a VA birth certificate. I am so excited about this. Receiving these papers just made my weekend.
I do have to share with you that it is a girls weekend/week. I started out last night having dinner with some girls from church. Went went to Kabuki's. It was great. I left early this morning for a business trip. (all girls). I will download some pics of all of the fun we will be having. I really need this time for my business and for myself.
If you are wondering, the kids are fine. They are headed to mawmaw and pawpaw's on Sunday. They will not miss me. Well, off to do girl things.


Emily LinDa said...

I loved the nails and the Bob the Builder outfits! Kids are so creative. Talicee is very lucky to have fun brothers. Emily loves kids and would love a brother or a sister! Mama and Bab are a poor substitute when she wants to play! Congratulations on the adoption process. We need to get started.

Beth and Shayna said...

That is so great to receive those papers. You are another step closer!