Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pool Days, Senior Pictures, Grandma's, Understorms and a Great Workout

Well, I thought after a vacation things would get a little bit slower. NOT. Monday, the kids wanted to go to the pool. I guess they missed their friends. It was actually a nice break just to sit and watch them play. Miss Talicee enjoys the pool so much more than the beach. According to her, she hates the sea shells, sand and water. Last year is loved it. I guess it comes and goes. Good thing we had a pool at the condo. No, I never went near the pool. I know all to well what dangers lay in awaiting in there.

Tuesday was a big day for Tyler. We had senior pictures made. Our appointment was at 10:15. So off we go. We did an indoor and outdoor session. We finally walked away from the studio at 12:45. Yes, it took that long. Tyler enjoyed it so much. He has even been asked to be one of the models for the new brochure for 2010. I can't wait to see the pictures. I know that I am going to be broke. You would not believe how much I have spent just on senior stuff already for this year in June. We have only been out of school for 2 weeks. After getting lunch, we headed to our second senior picture appointment. Since our yearbook will not take other pictures from other photographers, we had to use the one school is using. I do have to admit, I was very unhappy with the whole professionalism of this company. I was not impressed with his tux senior picture. So I emailed the teacher in charge of the yearbook and complained about the setting. Yes, complaining does get results some times. We will be redoing his pictures for the yearbook next week. Watch for new pictures of Tyler in about 2 weeks. Yes, for all of you future mom's of seniors, I cry every time something has to do with him being a senior. I hear,oh mom don't cry. You have 3 more.

Wednesday, Randy, Taylor, Trevor, Miss Talicee and I headed to see my parents. Tyler did not want to go. Kids. Randy had to look at a job in West Virginia, so he was going right by my parents house. Only thing, I did not realize we were going to leave at the crack of dawn. Anyway, the kids had a great visit. They baked cookies with grandma. As you can see in the slide show, Talicee is eating cookie dough. Now when I was growing up, I was never allowed to eat dough. Grandkids get to do what the want at grandparent's house. My sister and my 2 neices came over to see the kids. They played and played. We had a nice lunch and then headed home. Randy had to check on another job he had done a couple of weeks ago up there. It was just a nice day to visit.

Thursday, we headed out to the pool again. The kids just love the pool. It is a great babysitter for me. We came home early because Tyler and Taylor had football camp. They have had it all week. Tyler is working for Randy, so he does not get to go to the pool. After dinner, we headed over to the high school to watch the boys play 7 on 7. Well, sinced it stormed, the other team did not show up. So Randy watched the boys practice and I walked the track. I felt so good to walk on a flat track. The one at the elementary school has a slope to it and it makes my ankle hurt. I had been trying to clean my house since Wednesday. So after watching them, I got right back to cleaning. Still not done.

Friday, last day of the week. We went to the pool again. We rarely go on the weekends, so this is usually the day that we finish up all of the snacks we have had for the week. Well wouldn't you know, right about lunch time it started thundering. Of course, goat (AKA Talicee) was already eating her lunch. We had to quickly pack up and head home. We were there for 1 1/2 hours. So I thought, ok home early from the pool, I will finish cleaning. I tried from 2:00 until 5:00 to get my bathrooms cleaned. Every time I would start it would thunder and lighten. I could just see the head lines in the local paper: Woman killed while cleaning bathtub in thunderstorm. LOL Finally got it done.

I mentioned in the title about a great workout. I have a 2 story house. I have a basement, but we will not go there. Anyway, all of the floors down stairs are hardwood or ceramic tile but 2. So I mopped all of these floors on my hands and knees. And then mopped the 2 bathroom floors upstairs the same way. Yes, give me a hand for hard labor. I just knew that I would not be able to get out of bed on Saturday. When I was younger and fewer kiddos, I would do this every week. (NOT ANY MORE) To my surprise, I felt great on Saturday. I think I may start doing this again.

I hope you have enjoyed the life of the Landes' and Miss Talicee. We are pretty boring family. We do the samething over and over. Things do get a bit crazy around here, but we are a family of 3 sports boys and a princess. Enjoy the slide show.


Leo said...

Hey! Really nice blog! I also have one, =) It’s in English, but I actually live in Sweden. How about U?
Have a nice day =)

Susan Appleton said...

Your family is NOT boring! I love reading your blog and seeing the pictures! You do such a great job describing everything! Your posts definitely reflect your voice! Keep up the good work and enjoy that summer!