Sunday, June 22, 2008


Saturday, we had planned to spend our last day on the beach. When we woke up, God had other plans for us. It was storming really bad. As Miss Talicee says, it is understorming. So we just worked on packing up. The boys watched movies while we did most of the packing. While Miss Talicee took her nap, Randy, Trevor and I did some last minute things. We went to a little store called Me and Mommy. Oh, what a store. As many of you know, I like clothes that are different. Well, this is the place. My sister would love this place too. It is not cheap by any measure. Randy bought Miss Talicee 2 outfits and a pair of shoes. Like she needed shoes. LOL. Then Randy wanted to go to the golf shop. Can you see me jumping up and down now. NOT. I found me a comfy chair and waiting on him to shop for golf stuff.

We had our last meal on the beach at Duffy Street Crab Shack. Oh, what a great place. It is a shack, but the food is soooo good. We bought the boys some fireworks and then back to the condo. We finished up the night with watching some movies that we had brought. Very relaxing. We had a geat time just finally being together. Since Tyler is a senior now, our time is very limited with him.

We headed out for home on Sunday. No rush, we had breakfast and then hit the road. The kids were so good. Everyone watched movies on their DVD players and Miss Talicee watched a movies with the DVD in the van. It was very peaceful. We got home around 5:00 and had everything put away by 6:00. We are ready to go again next month.

Miss Talicee did great with potty training. We put a pull up on her going down. She asked everytime she needed to go. Never once pottied in her pull up. During the week she did great. No accidents. Coming home was great too. So I think I can say, she is potty trained. I am still putting a diaper on at night and a swimmer when we go to the pool, but other than that, she wears underwear.

Last night we had a really bad understorm. Miss Talicee kept saying Holy Cow to all of the lightening and thunder. The words that she uses would amaze you. I can't believe that a 2 year old can talk like this.

We have another busy week ahead. Tyler and Taylor have football camp. Tyler has his senior pictures taking tomorrow. Yes, I am already a basket case with all of the senior things that are going on. Hope you enjoy the few pictures that we have left of our first vacation.

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Emily LinDa said...

Too bad about the understorms. So good that Talicee is potty trained. We are still working on it:)