Monday, June 16, 2008


I survived the first day of vacation. As you recall, last year on Monday night, I was sitting in the emergency room with a sprained ankle (actually broken). We are in the same place as last year. I have not gone to the pool and probably will not go to the pool. I want to enjoy this vacation. LOL
Trevor, Talicee and I went to the beach today. The other 3 went golfing with Granddaddy. Trevor had a great time even though he could not go very far in the water because I was by myself. Miss Talicee was a different story. She played good for a while, but around lunch time she did not want to go to the water, touch the sand or do anything that had to do with the beach. I knew it was bedtime then. Sammy, Jackie, Sophie, Gabe and Trevor found a star fish. Some little boy had caught a sting ray and crabs were evry where. They really enjoyed the beach.
Tonight we celebrated Gabe's birthday. Then we went for a walk on the beach. The weather is great. It is in the mid 80's and low 70's at night. I have pictures in a slide show, but it would not load tonight. I will go to a wifi place tomorrow and load them. So look for an updated entry tomorrow.
The little kids are going to see the movie Kong Fu Panda. I think I may go shopping for a little while. Haven't done much, just relaxed.

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