Thursday, June 19, 2008


This is our second and third day at the beach and it has been great. We could not have picked better weather. There is no humidity. Which is great for my hair. LOL The kids are having a great time. Today they were on the beach most of the morning. When we got there, there was already a tidepool formed. In that tide pool were tons of sting ray. The kids loved just following them around. After lunch Randy and the boys went back to the beach. I stayed with Miss Talicee while she napped. We had seafood for dinner. Tyler and Taylor ate crab legs like they had never eaten them before. Needless to say, we got our monies worth on the buffet.

Wednesday, Randy and I took Miss Talicee to the zoo. The weather is so nice, that we thought the animals would be more playful. Trevor and Granddaddy went to play golf. Tyler and Taylor stayed on the beach. (I think there may be some girls here that they have their eyes on) LOL. Miss Talicee had a great time at the zoo. She loved feeding the animals peanuts. She would eat one and then give the animals one. Glad we had a bag of peanuts.

Randy and I get one night that we can go out on a date and his parents keep the kids. We chose to go to Medevil Times. It was great. I have never been to anything like this. Our knight was the black and white one. He did not win. Our dinner consisted of soup, chicken, spare rib, potatoe and dessert. And guess what, we had no silverware for the food. We ate with our fingers. The boys comment was, duh, knights did not have silverware. All in all we had a great time on our date.

Tomorrow Randy is golfing and the kids and I are beaching it. Later we may shop some. Who knows, we are on vacation and nothing is planned. Enjoy the slide show and I will try to update sooner. Just have a hard time finding time doing it.

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